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Welcome to my first post! I’ve already touched on this in my about page but I thought it might deserve a little more than just a few sentences in that section.

Way back in my High School years, I got a job at a local video store. It was a little independent store that had a prime location on a corner close to neighborhoods, a high school, and a busy business road. It was a good spot for a store!

It was one of my most favorite jobs that I ever had. Well, aside from when I had to work on Mondays, I mean no one likes to work on Mondays but in a movie rental store that’s a heavy return day. Everyone would stroll in on their way to work and drop off their movies. In a matter of minutes after opening there would be pile after pile of returned movies. Each of them had to be logged in and returned to the shelf. Ugh.

To make matters worse, at that time, I was around for the last few years that VHS clung to the market. So, it would be DVD, DVD…VHS. “They didn’t rewind it?! Those monsters! Ahhhh!!”


Video Store


Every other day was just great though. Why, you ask? Because I got to talk about movies all day! That’s all I did, I would roam the aisles looking at what to watch next and of course, making recommendations to people. That was the best part of it.

I loved standing there for a few minutes and pointing out one movie after the other. Helping people find what they wanted and in a lot of cases helping them find things that they themselves would have never thought to see.

My fondest moment happened when a girl walked into the store and said, “Um Yeah, my boyfriend says I’m missing out because I haven’t seen The Terminator. What is that?”

I remember cocking my head to the side and sighing loudly. Immediately after I stood up straight, looked her right in the eyes and put out my hand to her and said, “Come with me if you want to live!” She looked at me like I’d lost my mind but she went with it! I quickly reassured her that all would be explained after she saw the movies. Yeah, I made sure she saw 1 and 2!

Days later she came in and shrugged her shoulders and said, “I guess I get It.” and I helped her find something else but that was part of the fun and the experience, dealing with the people.

Months later I would end up leaving that beloved job but I always looked back on it fondly. Especially when it got taken over by Blockbuster.




Many years later the business bug bit me and I’ve started a few websites and have done well in their own right but when that happened memories from the store popped back in my head and I got a crazy idea, what if I started my own store?

When I first thought about it, Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and the other store giants had gone under and only a few independents were left open and I thought, why the hell not?

I’m sure you’re yelling at the screen right now, I can imagine it, “Because idiot, video’s dead!” The thing is, I don’t think that it is, I think that those big corporate idiots screwed up and their failures left a bad taste in people’s mouths. If the “Video were truly dead” how can family chain video store Family Video be opening new stores today? How could the last blockbusters, now independently owned, in Texas and Alaska be turning a profit?

I think people miss going to a store and talking to people. Sure Netflix has reviews but that’s certainly not the same and in case you haven’t noticed, Netflix doesn’t have everything to stream! How often do you find yourself on a Netflix roller coaster when it comes to their streaming availability?

For a few months they’ll have one set of movies and then poof, they’re gone! Granted, they still have their DVD by mail business, which to me proves the need for more physical media offerings, even then they don’t carry too much out of the mainstream.

The same problem exists with Redbox, they have a limited selection of new releases and have you ever been stuck behind someone waiting for them to pick a damn movie?! It makes you wonder if Redbox rage is a thing.

So, with all of that in my head, I researched the idea. Turns out there’s still a big degree of wholesalers and people that cater to the market but ultimately money is always a factor, isn’t it?

With that sad thought in my head one late weekend evening, I got ready to power down my laptop and I think “The Google” may have sensed my despair because of out of nowhere a series of articles just popped up on my screen. Various ones about stores still around today, like Video Free Brooklyn or I Luv Video in Austin and others.

As I clicked back to get to something I’d seen, I wound up on yet another article that posed the question, “Why not start a movie blog?’ It quickly turned into every other “how to start a blog articles” you’ve ever read but it did have a few nuggets of wisdom in there and the thought stuck.

Why not start a movie blog? I love movies and I love to talk about them and more than anything I love to talk to people. So, here it is, my movie blog the big difference is that unlike other blogs that try to keep up with big Hollywood releases that are “coming soon to a theatre near you” I want to help you find the things that maybe you forgot about or never even knew about!

It’s my way of “walking down the aisles” again and helping you find something great to watch. So, I’m looking forward to talking to you and finding great movies!