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Are there still video stores today? Short answer? Yes, they're just not as easy to find nowadays. There used to be a time where you wouldn't have to even ask a question like this. They were seemingly on every block! Not so much these days.

Despite this there are some still left today! Some of them are non-profits but most of them are not! They're turning profits and keeping the nostalgia alive!

I won't lie to you, my intent for this post had been pretty simple; sit down and do a massive write-up with all the movie stores still in business today.

The bigger names came to mind right away, like Scarecrow Video, Video Free Brooklyn and I luv Video but as I went about my research, I stumbled upon a website that had already done the research for me! It was awesome and I was beyond happy to see the comprehensive list that they had compiled. Not only was the obvious work they had put into it but I was also impressed to see just how many video stores were left!

Hope for all that love movies, no doubt.

The list was put together by the folks over at Indie Film Picks they have a list of 150 stores in North America! We're happy to say that most of those stores are still open and kicking butt! Not only does this article have all of those movies but the article got a good amount of engagement and people were kind enough to either list their own shops or places still around in their own home towns! All we can say is go physical media, you still got it!

To look this awesome list over, you can check it out here: Over 150 Independent Video Rental Stores in North America.

Despite what seems to be a pretty extensive list, there were still  some stores left out! Here are the ones that we wanted to add:

I'm writing this out of Tennessee and in this state, just outside of Nashville there is a chain of video stores in six locations! It's Captain Video & Tanning. Like a lot of stores across the nation, they embraced the idea of having tanning beds installed to find away to keep profits rolling in.

I've been to one location myself, the store in Hendersonville, TN and I can tell you that if you're close by any of these locations, they deserve your business! For the complete list click here: Captain Video Locations.

The other store(s) we have to mention is Blockbuster video. Yup, you read that correctly, there are still some stores left. Yes, the company itself went under years ago and in my opinion can be single-handidly be blamed for a lot of the reasons you don't see these types of stores anymore but that's another topic for another day. The stores that are still open today are now independently owned and can be found in Texas and Alaska.

Finally, there's one store that isn't on that list because this store just opened last year! In Lincoln, NE! It's called Old Skool Video and the guy who opened it is no different than anyone else that would want to do something like this, he loves movies! You can find their Facebook Page here: Old Skool Video

As you can imagine I was happy as could be to hear about all of these stores. I'm not close to a lot of these places but if you are, make an extra effort and head on out. Your dollar always helps and you never know what you'll be able to find!