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Just the other day, I ended up having a droll afternoon, I didn’t know what do, so, I went to my local movie theater and ended up seen Star Wars Rogue One…again. For the record, it’s a great movie!

Despite the movie having been out for a while, I wasn’t the only person in the theater. A few rows down from me was a woman and three young boys. After they all got settled in, she promptly reached into her giant purse and pulled out Ziploc bags of popcorn and those 8 ounce bottles of water and handed them out.

I remember thinking, “smart lady”, food costs a fortune! Movie theater food is expensive any way you cut it but it is for a reason. Even though it was “smart” of her to do that, was it right for her to sneak in food?

First, before I really get into my thoughts here, I don’t want it to seem like I’m attacking moms. That’s not my intention and I realize that single parents aren’t the only offenders when it comes to sneaking in food.

All sorts of people do it! Hell, when I was younger I did it! I had a fairly serious addiction to cream soda and no theater that I’ve ever been too carried it. What was a young addict to do?!

As I was walking out of the movie my mind turned to that woman and what she’d done. I realize that there might be some of you that are reading this and thinking that she did nothing wrong but she did. It’s wrong, plain and simple. Sneaking in food robs the theater of revenue and as a business, that’s their sole purpose.

However, as a parent, perhaps those prices are almost enough to make going out impossible and therefore make it okay.


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Despite that, here’s why it’s wrong to sneak in food; as I said earlier it takes money away from the theater. I understand that you’ve paid for a ticket or multiple and you may think that the theater makes their profit there but it doesn’t. As a matter of fact, depending on their agreement with whatever studio they’ve gotten that movie from, they might be only making 20%! That’s peanuts! Especially when they have a big, modern movie theater to run.

So, what do they do to bring in money? They put in arcades, photo booths, and they have concession stands. Food is where they make their money, period. There’s no other way to look at it no matter what other publications might have to say about it.

If you bring in food in Ziploc bags, you’re cutting the profit of the theater owner. I can understand their perspective, they’re not a charity.

However, a cinema blend article made an interesting point, if there’s just a certain type of food that you just need to have, then maybe, just maybe it’s okay?

Still, Cream Soda addictions aside or a single parent trying to save a buck or two, bringing in food really is just wrong.

I get that you want to see a movie, I do but perhaps the same idea should be applied here as it does when the conversation turns to tipping servers. If you don’t have the money to go out, then don’t.

However, perhaps we can be a bit more flexible here. If you’re going out to the movies, eat before or after. You will save money but if you want to have popcorn or a pickle, then it’s just the right thing to buy it at the concession stand.

What do you guys think, am I wrong about this?