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You read that right, Amazon, arguably the internet’s biggest retailer garnered a ton of attention last month when its movie, Manchester by the Sea got a Best Picture nomination.

As we all know, the movie didn’t win for Best Picture but it did pick up Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

Why is that a big deal? Because the company beat out its biggest streaming rival, Netflix.

As you may already know, it seems like streaming is way of the future. Granted, physical media isn’t dead just yet, it might very well be one day. Streaming giant Netflix to date has not received an Oscar award, let alone even been invited to the prestigious awards show. Though not for lack of trying.

Amazon beat them to the punch with Manchester, even though the movie still isn’t streaming on the site. Amazon recently announced that the award-nominated will arrive on Prime Video on May 5th.

After Manchester got big buzz at the Sundance Film Festival Amazon bid big for distribution rights and a theatrical distributor to go the traditional route to have it show in regular theaters. Specifically to put it in Oscar contention.

A smart move to say the least. Granted, the movie didn’t “win” but Amazon sure did.

To see a trailer for the movie, click here: Amazon