Blue Robot Video, is my video store that will more than likely never be. I miss video stores! They were a great way to spend a Friday night. You'd go into one and take your time finding that one perfect movie that you'd been wanting to see or find one that you'd never even heard of, then you'd go home and have a great night.

Nowadays, movies by mail,movie kisoks, and especially streaming have become the new norm and for the most part, I'm okay with that and love it myself.

The problem I do have with it is that you can't always find what you want via these avenues. In most cases these companies deliberately don't stock certain movies for various reasons but money is what it boils down to.

That, to me, is unfair to the arts overall and most importantly you, the consumer. So, welcome to my "video store". Think of me as that dorky employee who simply loves movies. I'll be here talking about some of my personal favorites and movies in general and where you can go find them.

I won't claim to be a movie expert by any means but I do promise to always point you in the right direction and hopefully have a little fun on the way!