My "new posts" category is going to be a general catch all for things I want my site to encompass. I might write a long post about a random movie fact or movie consipiracies, or I might just a post a link to a cool article I found online somewhere and want to share with you.

These posts will be like you and I are just talking while we roam the aisles.

Our Movie Reviews category is exactly what it sounds like! This is the bread and butter of Blue Robot and the whole reason why I started it. Come in and let me give you my personal thoughts on all the movies that I've seen. Have a I seen them all? No, but nearly and I know I can stear in the right direction if you're not quite ready to hit the "play" button.

My goal isn't to come across as some know-it-all movie reviwer just a movie fan that wants to give you a drama free review on something to watch.

We love the small screen too here at Blue Robot Video! Who doesn't love good TV? It can completely suck you in and make you forget about your day and instantly make you feel better. TV shows have real power and they can become the one thing you look forward to week in and out. In this section we'll hopefully turn you on to TV that you've never heard of and be the "friend at the cooler" to talk about the ones that everyone's watching right now! 

Who's Thirsty?!  

"News from the wood" is our news and entertainment section. I've said this over and over, this isn't an up to the minute news website. I'll probably never break any stories or anything like that but if something is big enough that I want to talk about it, I'll do that here. Also, if some small story flys under the radar, I'll do my best to shed some light on the subject here.

This category will do it's very best to cover newsworthy and entertaining things from the world of Hollywood!

Have you ever been talking with a friend about your new favorite move only to find out that it was based on a book that got released forever ago? It's happened to me once or twice.

Or how about this, have you read a certain book and are wondering if you should see the movie now or will you just be horribly dissapointed and might break your TV as a result?

I can't gurantee to save your TV but you'll get some honest thoughts on that book that got made into a movie.


Movies are awesome! There's really no other way to put it and we love them so much that more than just buying a special edition DVD or Blu-ray set, we'll get posters, t-shirts, and even decals for our cars!

Have you ever seen something that someone else had and you thought, "Oh man, cool! Where did they get that?" We'll talk about every obscure item related to movies and TV and put it in our site for you to find!

Why? Becuse that's just what real fan boys do!