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You read that right, Amazon, arguably the internet’s biggest retailer garnered a ton of attention last month when its movie, Manchester by the Sea got a Best Picture nomination.

As we all know, the movie didn’t win for Best Picture but it did pick up Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

Why is that a big deal? Because the company beat out its biggest streaming rival, Netflix.

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I can’t exactly put a finger on to why it’s always so upsetting when a celebrity dies. I mean, in general, as people we should be upset when anyone loses a loved one but why do we especially feel down about celebrities?

For me, I think it’s because we associate certain memories with that person. Actor Bill Paxton died earlier today at the age of 61 for most people they’ll talk about Twister or Titanic but I’ll remember him for getting beat up in the Terminator!

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movie snack


Just the other day, I ended up having a droll afternoon, I didn’t know what do, so, I went to my local movie theater and ended up seen Star Wars Rogue One…again. For the record, it’s a great movie!

Despite the movie having been out for a while, I wasn’t the only person in the theater. A few rows down from me was a woman and three young boys. After they all got settled in, she promptly reached into her giant purse and pulled out Ziploc bags of popcorn and those 8 ounce bottles of water and handed them out.

I remember thinking, “smart lady”, food costs a fortune! Movie theater food is expensive any way you cut it but it is for a reason. Even though it was “smart” of her to do that, was it right for her to sneak in food?

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Blockbuster 1


As odd as this might sound, the other day as I was cleaning out my very old wallet I found a blockbuster card! I’m sure you all might remember the little blue cards that you would pull out at the register every time you went into a store.

Now you might be laughing at the idea and it’s not hard to understand why, it’s been about 6+ years now since the movie rental giant went belly up but there are still a few independently owned ones left. I visited one the last time I flew home to Texas.

It was fun to roam the aisles and look at the movies, I rented some and enjoyed my night in. Despite the nostalgia I couldn’t help but be a little pissed. Why, you ask?

In my opinion, Blockbuster’s failure “killed” the idea of physical media, because when a giant falls, people are bound to notice.

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rental 2


Are there still video stores today? Short answer? Yes, they're just not as easy to find nowadays. There used to be a time where you wouldn't have to even ask a question like this. They were seemingly on every block! Not so much these days.

Despite this there are some still left today! Some of them are non-profits but most of them are not! They're turning profits and keeping the nostalgia alive!

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Welcome to my first post! I’ve already touched on this in my about page but I thought it might deserve a little more than just a few sentences in that section.